DriveSafe & StaySafe is a ‘not for profit’ community organisation who work closely with schools as well as voluntary, public and private sectors engaging in personal and road safety matters.


In 2015 the Institute of Directors (IOD) conferred DriveSafe ‘Celebrating Enterprise with Integrity’ Award under the ‘Best Not for Profit Company’ category in acknowledgement of our work in personal and road safety. This was in recognition of our development of VRQ and NVQ qualifications for safety training, the first such qualifications nationwide. Equally for our campaigns and various publications on the subject.

‘The Conies’ is our registered charity and our Conies team is made up of a group of extra-ordinary – well, almost cone shaped human beings – who have created and designed The Conies!



Our vision is to create a safer world where children can go to school and play outside safely.  We live in an environment where daily dangers to children present us with challenges as to how they can keep safe.  Visible dangers such as ever increasing traffic are in full evidence. Invisible dangers in the form of dangerous levels of toxic vehicle emissions are becoming important issues too, as it affects a young child’s health and physical safety also.  We equally need to arm children with the skills on how to keep safe. To be aware of the world around them and KEEP SAFE in a positive and fun way.


To help children and young people keep themselves safe by introducing them to the world of The Conies – heroes of children’s safety who seek to inspire children with their messages of road safety.


We believe that, when a child identifies with an animated character, it is this affinity that will ensure easy engagement, action and remembering safety messages portrayed. The Conies offers a positive, easy and fun way to learn so that children can start to develop safety skills in all areas of their life from an early age.

Children naturally identify with objects or images – teddy bear or an animated character. It is this affinity that will ensure easy engagement, actions and remembering portrayed safety messages. The Conies offers a positive, easy and fun way to learn so that children can start to develop safety skills in all areas of their life from an early age.

We hope that by appealing to children in a way that they can enjoy and understand, The Conies will positively impact upon accident figures and keep more children safe. The Conies can also help shape drivers of the future into being more considerate and attentive on roads so that we can improve the safety of future generations.


In the past, the Green Cross Code man and Tufty the Squirrel were very successful as a focus for road safety.  Generations of children and even parents were seen to take a keen interest in road safety remembering easy catchy slogans such as “Look right, look left and look right again”.   The iconic figure of a tall man dressed in a white and green superhero costume imaginatively inspired its’ magic over child and parent alike.  Unfortunately campaigns in this crucial area of safety education have been nationally curtailed.

The Conies are our new heroes of road and personal safety in all areas. They are a family of traffic cones who have come to life with father, mother and three young children. Their cone shaped world is inhabited by anthropomorphic road signs, each of which has a unique character and engage in humorous yet pertinent road safety scenarios. Their interaction communicates messages of safety to children.


We want to create a safer environment for children of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.  We believe that children need The Conies now more than ever as supported by DoT statistics:

  • Child (aged 0-15) Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties had increased by 5 % to 2,050 in the year ending March 2016 and child pedestrian KSIs had increased by 3 %.
  • Child casualties of all severities increased by 0.3 % compared with the previous year to 16,350.
  • 2013 marked the reversal of a 20 year-on-year downward trend in child road casualties.  Unfortunately, this upward trend has continued.
  • This problem is European wide where road traffic injuries account for 1 in 5 childhood injury deaths.


It is a privilege to be working with like-minded people and prestigious organisations such as the Birmingham Safety Community Partnership which comprises the WM Police, Fire Brigade and Birmingham City Council.  Together we can make a difference.  This strong partnership offers us a dedicated team of like-minded people who also seek to go beyond what is normally expected when creating new ideas that make an impact.  With this in mind, we welcome forging new partnerships to take our Conies message to children across the region, nation and much further afield (Conies are everywhere!).



To underpin child engagement, The Conies are supported by a comprehensive portfolio of aids, lesson plans, activities & games and other teaching support material. These help to reinforce children’s understanding of road safety and personal safety concepts.


We offer an early learning programme about safety for children in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2), including Reception Year (EYFS) children.  Our unique learning pack is filled with pupil and teacher resources offering valuable support to the teachers’ PSHE toolkit.

We currently have in development a further series of Journals and resources covering all other areas of safety such as water, rail etc.

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