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Help us Grow!

Like a flower which needs rain and the honey bee to pollinate we want to bloom into a leading organisation which seriously protects children.  The Green Cross Code man did this in the 1970s – indeed he is still well loved and remembered. The message was powerful because the image was tremendous – fun and engaging.

Now, in the 21st century we have given birth to The Conies!  We are moving forward because our Ambassadors and Partners have their watering cans out!  We need more Ambassadors and Partners so we have a whole field of Conies out there, not just one.

Corporate Social Responsibility plays a major part of all organisations. If you are looking to make a serious impact upon both your organisations’ stakeholders and wider society, we can deliver these strategic benefits to you though our worthy programmes. We are here to work with you!

We gratefully accept any donations, but also services in kind and volunteers.

You may like to portray us as your Charity of the week, month or year – we would be thrilled to be chosen as such.  Please contact Jasmine on 07976 426463 or email

If you would like to find out more how you can work with us, from helping stage our annual Schools Best Road Safety Competition, to sponsoring a Journal/book please contact us for a copy of our ‘Help Us Grow Sponsorship’ proposal.

Pick up your watering can and shower us with your energy, passion and love!


It is a privilege to be working with like-minded people and prestigious organisations such as the Birmingham Safety Community Partnership which comprises the WM Police, Fire Brigade and Birmingham City Council.  Together we can make a difference.  This strong partnership offers us a dedicated team of like-minded people who also seek to go beyond what is normally expected when creating new ideas that make an impact.

We welcome forging new partnerships to take our Conies message to children across the region, nation and much further afield (Conies are everywhere!). This partnership could e.g. consist of being part of a county wide strategic group working to reduce child accidents, through to working with education establishments on specific projects.

The Conies Ambassadors