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The Conies Journals

The Conies Journals introduce children to a new learning series about a family of animated traffic cones – teaching them safety in a variety of situations.  Our first journal entitled ‘Walking to School Safely’ was recently piloted in 27 primary schools located within Birmingham’s child accident hot spots. To establish and engage children with our new heroes of safety we have been supported by the West Midlands Police, Fire Brigade and Birmingham City Council. These organisations have identified gaps in the children’s education market for such teaching of safety. Equally an important need for structured resources, for both schools and parents alike.

The Conies’ author and founder, Fay Goodman, a safety campaigner and world-renowned martial arts teacher, firmly believes that children’s safety concerns us all.  The 40 page journal is packed with colourful scenarios and games which, not only teach children road safety, but also telling the time, the importance of eating well and dressing appropriately for all weather conditions – and to be SEEN!  The book is divided into sections with quick reviews to test children’s understanding of safety concepts in a simple fun format.  This also offers the teacher an easy format to follow regarding lesson planning which is supported by the Teacher’s Journal.  This journal not only offers lesson guidelines but lots of ideas for child participation and engagement.  At the end of the Children’s Journal is a Certificate of Achievement which can be cut out and pasted on a wall, or framed!  Most importantly the journal itself belongs to each child.  It is something they own and can enjoy.

In a digital world we believe in the importance of maintaining physical contact with paper, books, pens and other important teaching aids around us. Because one day children will have to interact with these media in the wider world. Nonetheless, we are developing an on-line digital version as well as interactive teaching resources.

All proceeds to the Journals go towards our continued development of initiatives and resources to ensure children be protected and learn how to protect themselves. Please help us to help you!