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The Conies Top Five Tips for Getting to School Safely

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The Conies want all children to be safe on their journey to and from school, here’s our top five tips to help.

1. Be seen

School uniforms and winter coats are often dark coloured, making children difficult to see in the lower light conditions in early morning or in the late afternoon. Fluorescent arm bands or jackets help drivers spot youngsters. Reflective bands or stickers on bags help reflect car headlights when its dark.

2. Stop look listen

The oldest advice is the best. Look right, look left and then right again. Keep looking and listening as you cross the road. Use your eyes and ears and never hurry into a road

3. Find a safe place to cross

Avoid crossing near parked cars if possible. Never cross the road from behind a bus. Know the difference between zebra and pelican crossings and how to cross at each type.

4. Be aware of stranger danger

Police recorded 569 offences of child abduction in 2014. Make sure your child knows never to talk to or take presents from strangers or go with anyone they don’t know or trust.

5. Be safe in the car

Don’t distract the driver and always wear a seatbelt. The Dept of Transport recommends children over 12 years or 135cm in height may use an adult seat belt, but also continue using booster seats until they are 150cm tall. Make sure you know which side to get out of and avoid oncoming traffic.


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