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Good, but could do better – progress on Road Safety

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Here at Conies HQ we are reading with interest the latest progress report on the Government’s Road Safety Statement.
In December 2015, the Government published its Road Safety Statement, setting out its vision, values and priorities to bring down the numbers of people killed and injured on our roads. In June it let us all know how it was doing against its targets.
You can sum up our reaction as:

“Good, but could do better.”

Firstly, the good bits. We applaud the progress being made on driver safety, especially on the toughening of penalties against those who use mobile phones while driving. We’ve all seen the high-profile cases of mobile phone use leading to horrific crashes and we think that increasing fines against offenders will help protect children, both as passengers and pedestrians.
We’ve long been supporters of walking and cycling and that’s why we are also pleased to see the government agree plans for investment in safer cycling and walking infrastructure. Great that it will also spend some time and money in persuading people out of the car.

However, we are frustrated by the lack of progress in implementing 20mph speed limits in appropriate areas. The progress report claims that it is ‘in progress’ and a report is due to be published later in 2018. There is clear evidence that 20 mph speed limits help save children’s’ lives, so we are puzzled why there has been no progress in this area and no definite date set for when the Governments report is due. Why the delay?

The Conies will continue to campaign and inform to help keep our children safe on the streets especially around schools. We welcome the progress made, but key areas need to be addressed. And quickly.

Six safety tips for the six week holiday

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The school summer holidays are here and The Conies want you and your family to have a safe and enjoyable six weeks.

Here’s our six best ways to stay safe

1. We all feel more cheerful when the sun is shining but if the weather continues to be as hot as it has been, then it is really important to protect your skin and keep cool. Follow our guide to sun safety to keep yourself and your children protected.

2. At least 25 British people drown in swimming pools each year with more than 500 serious incidents occurring. Only swim at official sites, stay vigilant around swimming pools and don’t rely on lifeguards. Read this useful guide to pool safety for more information

3. The recent tragedy in Norfolk has highlighted how important this point is. Before letting your child on to a bouncy castle, spend a couple of minutes checking out the operation, says ROSPA. This could help prevent any accidents.

4. Barbecues should be fun but it’s easy to get distracted when you have friends and family around for a few drinks. Keep children and garden games away from the cooking area.

5. Help your kids avoid stranger danger. Agree a place to meet if they get lost at an event, consider using a named wristband with your phone number on and tell them to speak to a policeman or another parent with children if they get lost.

6. The chances are children will be playing outside more during the holidays. Now’s a good time to remind your children about the basic steps:

• Find a safe place to cross

• Stop at the kerb

• Look right

• Look left

• Look right again

• If the road is clear, cross – don’t run!

• Keep looking and listening for traffic as you cross.

How about playing this online game from brake to help them think about safety in the car?

Enjoy the school holidays.